Corporate Tax Incentives

Get The Tax Credits You Deserve

At CTI, we specialize in helping your business take full advantage of the tax credits and incentives you’re entitled to. Whether you’re a VP of Finances at a Fortune 500 company or financial controller at a fast-growing start-up, CTI creates your tax-credits pathway towards essential tax savings.

CTI has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for thousands of companies. We’ve earned a reputation as the top provider in maximizing corporate tax incentives and credits, as well as for providing unsurpassed customer service to our clients.

Conquer The Complex World Of Corporate Tax Incentives Today

CTI features a unique blend of expertise, technology, process and service. Our Tax Navigator team showcases experienced tax professionals with backgrounds in Big 4 accounting firms, taxing agencies and government economic departments. Our proficiency for identifying profits is fortified with state-of-the-art tax software you won’t find anywhere else.

When you partner with CTI, you also gain one-to-one guidance with a dedicated Tax Navigator who ensures you receive immediate attention anytime you need answers or assistance.

CTI’s combined services of tax expertise, technology, process and customer service support results in business-boosting benefits that include:

  • Reduced effective tax rate
  • Improved profitability through lower operational costs
  • Lowered estimated tax payments
  • Tax refunds of prior taxes with interest earned

Our roster of clients includes companies of all sizes and varying industries throughout the U.S. We also partner with CPAs, HR consultants, payroll companies and others to help their respective clients receive all the tax credits they deserve.

Ready to learn how your business may benefit from our corporate tax incentives services? Click here to schedule your complimentary, 30-minute consultation with an expert Tax Navigator at CTI.

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