Our Process

For Finding You Tax Credits And Refunds

You’d never attempt to scale the Grand Tetons without first identifying the right path to take to the top, charting your course with attainable goals and bringing a detailed map to stay on track. In fact, you’d probably want an experienced mountain guide by your side, helping you navigate trail breaks, deep snow and sudden changes in weather patterns.

Your path to Destination Tax Savings is no different.

Conquer The Complex World Of Corporate Tax Incentives Today

When you partner with CTI to find corporate tax incentives and credits for your business, we act as your personal Tax Navigator to traverse the complex, ever-changing landscape of tax credits and business incentives.

Our three-step process ensures you are on the right route towards tax savings:

Diagnostic Discovery

We conduct a deep-dive discovery process that helps to establish your current business operations and identify your eligibility for tax credits and incentives. By examining your current tax situation, CTI discovers every opportunity for tax savings.

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Goal Charting

Next, we determine your action items to claim tax credits and the best route for achieving milestones along the journey to tax savings. We help you set realistic goals and plan for potential roadblocks.

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Savings Destination Roadmap

The final step is the creation and delivery of your Tax Savings Destination Roadmap. This roadmap features deliverables to maximize your tax credits and incentives.

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Ready to discover CTI’s process for identifying, goal charting and road-mapping your journey towards tax savings? Click here to connect with a Tax Navigator at CTI.

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