Diagnostic Discovery

Actionable Corporate Tax Credit Research

Before you embark on any journey, you need to know where you’re going.

To jumpstart your trek towards tax savings, we conduct a detailed Diagnostics Discovery: This deep-dive process distinguishes your business’s current operations to identify your eligibility for tax credits and incentives.

CTI’s Diagnostics Discovery is a tax credit research process involving the following five steps:

  • Step 1: We confirm your company’s qualifications for tax credits and incentives programs.
  • Step 2: If your company is already taking advantage of certain programs, based on heavily researched statistics, we make suggestions for how to maximize those tax credits and incentives.
  • Step 3: We address any potential concerns or roadblocks, such as a tax situation that may prevent you from generating a specific benefit or limitations associated with a carryover period.
  • Step 4: We estimate the benefits you’ll receive based on factors like your number of hires, training programs and R&D activity. As we match up programs that make sense for your company, we estimate the benefits to decide whether the credit is material enough to pursue.
  • Step 5: We clearly explain what it takes to secure the tax benefit. Just because a tax credit is out there doesn’t mean you must pursue it. A certain tax credit may be draining on your resources or could cross boundaries of political sensitivity.

Through the close examination of your current operations and tax situation, CTI discovers every opportunity to maximize your business incentives. Along the way, we give you sound advice, steering your tax savings journey in the right direction. Our aim is to maintain your company’s culture while also elevating your growth goals.

The next step towards reaching your Tax Savings Destination is the method of Goal Charting. Click here to learn more about how your Tax Navigator sets reasonable and actionable objectives that lead you down the path towards profit.

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