Goal Charting

Setting Corporate Tax Incentives Agenda Items

Once your Tax Navigator has identified available corporate tax incentives and credits for your company, the second step of our process is Goal Charting. Taking a targeted approach, this process determines your action items and the best route for achieving your goals.

During Goal Charting, we assign you a support team of CTI tax experts – a project manager, an account manager and the necessary support staff – to create your tax savings roadmap. Your Goal Charting tax consultant team works to set actionable goals and anticipate any potential roadblocks.

We hold an initial Expectations Huddle to address all the facets of your tax savings journey. During this meeting, we also explain how we plan to take the burden of this process off of your company’s internal resources.

During the Goal Charting process, we make recommendations for specific business changes that bolster your ability to capture a tax credit.

The final step in our process is developing your Savings Destination Roadmap. Click here to learn more about how your Tax Navigator maps out your efficient, effective path towards profit.

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