Your Destination Roadmap

For Comprehensive Tax Savings

The only way to simplify a complex journey is to break down the roadmap into sections. Once we’ve established your tax credit and incentives goals – and figured out the best route for arriving at these goals – the third step in our process is the creation and delivery of your Tax Savings Destination Roadmap.

This roadmap features deliverables to maximize your tax credits and incentives:

Making The Connection

Our ability to be efficient depends on getting timely information to put processes into place. So, once we identify your eligible tax credits and incentives programs, we begin establishing relationships with the relevant departments of your company, such as Tax and Accounting, Human Resources and Real Estate. We need to know exactly when you’re opening a facility, when you need to renegotiate a lease and when you’re hiring.

Gathering Important Information

To capture your tax savings benefits, we must work with your staff to retrieve information – such as hires, positions and pay – along with any internal data needed to fulfill program requirements. At this point, we also determine if we need to reach out to jurisdictions to complete reports and file the necessary forms.

Becoming A True Value Partner

The journey towards tax savings is an ongoing process. There are always adjustments needed along the way to improve the process and maximize the benefit. We ensure a seamless passage to capturing those tax credits and incentives that are critical to your business’s growth.

Claiming Credits Accurately

After a project is completed and it’s time to receive your tax savings rewards, we are heavily involved in claiming your credits correctly. This process includes annotating the finer details of internal and external reporting.

Your Tax Savings Destination Roadmap features an established timeline of all project deliverables, while also communicating important milestones to you through automated alerts. You never have to second-guess where your tax savings project stands, giving you total peace of mind.

As your outsourced tax experts, we take the burden off of your shoulders, so you save internal resources for other important business objectives.

Ready to begin the journey towards your tax savings destination? Click here to connect with a Tax Navigator at CTI who is standing by to answer questions and initiate your itinerary.

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