Corporate Tax Incentives Services

Delivering Your Business Bottom-Line Results

While our services vary, they share a common goal – helping clients take full advantage of the tax credits and incentives your business deserves. Corporate Tax Incentives ensures that your worries are put to rest by letting the experts do the work.

We understand the complexities of tax incentive programs and tax regulations, as well as the confusing qualifications process that deters many companies away from pursuing the available benefits.

That’s why we execute an extensive internal review process that occurs before any project is seen by a client. Not only is your tax credits and incentives project reviewed by the lead project manager (known as your Tax Navigator), but it’s also reviewed by an executive-level team member and a quality assessment staff member. Our internal critiquing process ensures that your Destination Savings Roadmap is exact.

At CTI, we specialize in clarifying program requirements and tax codes, as well as streamlining the qualifications processes so you get all of the tax credits, exemptions, grants, refunds and deductions you’re entitled to.

Our areas of expertise include:

In each area, we offer services and support from professionals with years of specialized experience. Each client engagement is unique, with services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Whether the plan is to realize tax savings and incentives from one or multiple programs, our offerings accommodate both fully outsourced services and tax consulting with clients handling tax savings processes internally.

We work with your CPA/tax advisor to come up with the best solution options to ensure everything is consistent with your company’s overall tax strategy.

Combining our expertise with advanced technology and a highly personalized approach, we’ve helped clients realize more than $500 million in tax savings and cash incentives.

Ready to learn more about the services Corporate Tax Incentives offers? Click here to connect with a Tax Navigator at CTI.

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