State Employment Tax Incentives

For State And Local Jurisdiction Business Growth

Every state in the U.S. and many local jurisdictions there within offer state tax incentives to promote job creation and business investments. While the combined benefit of all state employment tax incentives is in the millions – if not billions – of dollars, the challenge of understanding and meeting the qualification requirements keeps many businesses from applying.

At CTI, we don’t believe in leaving money on the table. That’s why we do the homework to figure out the state tax incentive requirements, deadlines and how to apply. All you have to do is provide us with your property locations and some basic information, then we’ll figure out what business incentives match up and how to apply.

The following state employment tax incentives are the programs we most frequently support (however, we are well-versed in every state):

When you partner with the outsourced tax experts at CTI, we handle every step of the application process for you, or provide direction to your in-house team. We aim to ensure that every state and local employee tax credit you qualify for turns into a realized benefit for your bottom line.

We look forward to helping you take advantage of all available state employment tax incentives. If you’re ready to engage in a complimentary consultation, click here to connect with a Tax Navigator at CTI.

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