CTI’s Tax Beacon

Gain Transparency And Control Of Your R&D Credit Process

Choosing an outsourced provider to pursue R&D credits for your business shouldn’t mean surrendering control: CTI aims to give you a complete understanding of what the outsourcing process entails. Tax Beacon offers decision-makers at your company greater transparency and control in outsourcing the R&D credit process. When you take charge of capturing R&D credits, you are able to control costs and increase savings.

Our Tech Trailblazers are committed to delivering the highest quality advanced software to improve the project management of securing your research credits.

A Business-Focused Solution

The Tax Beacon technology platform allows businesses the flexibility to outsource as much or as little of the process to secure R&D tax credits as they prefer. Whether you choose to allow an outsourced provider to manage responsibilities over the tax credit process, or if your in-house team performs a portion of the work, Tax Beacon has you covered. By utilizing the Tax Beacon for project management, you ensure the following details of internal and external project personnel survive company changes:

  • Reports and Project Deliverables
  • Source Documentation
  • Prior Filing Positions
  • Institutional Knowledge

Flexible features within the Tax Beacon platform also help the system evolve as your business grows and you optimize the software for changing needs. Your company has complete access to the technology system, throughout the scope of your engagemet and for years to come. Your business owns the solution! Therefore, if you change service providers, your company’s data and history remains under your control.

Optimize Your Workflow With Tax Beacon

In order for you to complete a detailed R&D tax credit study, the Tax Beacon standard project workflow enables you to identify and document each required step in real time. Your business is able to modify the scope of each project and change the allocation of internal and external resources, increasing productivity and allowing you to manage costs in the process.

With Tax Beacon on your side, your internal team and CTI’s Tech Trailblazers both understand their responsibilities and the sequence of steps to be completed as part of an R&D tax credit study. A repeatable pattern of activities within the software leads to increased knowledge and a better understanding of the credit process.

Workflow standardization and documentation also reduce the time you must spend training new employees, permitting you to worry less about personnel losses affecting your ability to capture R&D credits efficiently.

Benefits Of Using Tax Beacon For R&D Credit Outsourcing

  • Technical Guidance and Support
  • Sophisticated Time-Saving Features
  • Information Access and Control
  • Advanced File Documentation and Storage
  • Workflow
  • Dashboard
  • Project Management
  • Integration
  • Data Security
  • Reduction in Staff Hours
  • Client Portal
  • Consistency
  • Updates in Regulation

Software Training

Tax Beacon is designed to be intuitive for new users. However, software training is available for businesses that want to fully understand Tax Beacon’s more advanced features. Speaking with a Tech Trailblazer at CTI is the best way to receive guidance on utilizing this premium technology to its full ability.

If you are interested in learning more about how Tax Beacon helps your business gain control of R&D tax credit outsourcing, speaking with a Tech Trailblazer at CTI is a beneficial first step. Click here to get in touch with CTI's Tech Trailblazers.

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