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Angie Longacre

Angie Longacre
As a copywriter for CTI, Angie devotes her craft to promoting CTI’s valuable services and benefits for businesses. When she’s not commanding the keyboard, you can find her outside for a run with her dogs, searching for her next antique treasure, dreaming of her next trip to the beach, or lost in a good book.
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Today’s Special: Food Trends with a Side of R&D Tax Credits

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Sep 18, 2019.

Our world turns on an axis of trends: music trends, technology trends, movies trends, trends in clothing, housing, automobiles…and food. Rotating, shifting, never stopping.

And food trends have graced our collective plate pretty much since our choices broadened beyond what berries grew along our migration path or which wooly mammoth was within spear range. New discoveries in science, technology, cultures, and newly available food and resources, have all influenced our turning tastes.

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Don’t Underestimate HR’s Power to Save Your Company Money

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Sep 16, 2019.

Who are the money-makers in your company? Sales? Yes. The staff who provide the services you offer? Yes. HR? Possibly.



Though HR doesn’t posses the power to directly bring in revenue like your sales team, they can perform feats with cost saving ideas that will garner savings and ultimately pad your bottom line.

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CBD-Infused Food? R&D Credits Can Help F&B Manufacturers Put It on Shelves

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Sep 14, 2019.

Products infused with CBD derived from the hemp plant seem to be cropping up everywhere. And not just as stand-alone tinctures and salves, but in your coffee, cookies, cereal, tea, jellybeans…even your liquid Happy Hour libations. Farmers are growing it in their fields, and food and beverage manufacturers are fortifying their products with it.

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Vets Are Opening Small Businesses – Who’s Offering ‘Direct Support’?

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Sep 11, 2019.

Where would we be without those willing to fight for our freedom and families? Drinking over-taxed tea and flying the U.K. flag? That would be the least dreadful of the possibilities. Since our fight for independence in 1776, the selflessness and conviction of our country’s brave men and women have secured privileges and protected rights of which many across the globe only dream. Our soldiers have given life, limb, and other sacrifices to afford their fellow citizens these liberties.

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Edible Food Packaging – Cutting Down on Landfill Pileup

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Sep 3, 2019.

Why didn’t you take out the garbage? It’s overflowing!”

“I thought you were going to take it out.”

“I took it out last time.”

“No, I did.”

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Automation Orders More Jobs for Fast-Food? Yep. And WOTC Can Help

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Aug 30, 2019.

Automation will annihilate up to 800 million jobsby 2023 – so predicts a McKinsey Global Institute study.1

Since the dawn of The Machine, humans have feared The Takeover. We have fretted and postulated that we will meet our demise by the cold, mechanical hand of The Robot and the superior, but potentially malevolent artificial intelligence (AI) that powers it.

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Tech Investors Are Gobbling Up Food Startups

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Aug 25, 2019.

Pineapple on pizza? No way. I’m a pizza purest. Dough, red sauce, cheese, green peppers, onions, maybe some pepperoni if I need some protein. I’ll allow sausage or a few other veggies if the gang calls for it. But I don’t want pineapple on my pizza. Fruit does not belong on pizza. Hawaii and Italy lie thousands of miles apart…and so should pineapple and pizza.

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Hey Food Manufacturers, R&D Credits “Aren’t Just for Breakfast Anymore”

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Aug 23, 2019.

Ah, orange juice. A cool, refreshing breakfast beverage. But is it just for breakfast? Some of you may remember the Florida Orange Juice commercials that depicted people from all walks of life – a horse jockey, an opera singer, a clock maker – happily sipping a tall glass of OJ. As they enjoyed their cool drink, obviously during non-breakfast hours, they exclaimed the famous tagline, “…it isn’t just for breakfast anymore!”

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Cost Segregation Analysis - When You Care Enough to Give the Very Best

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Aug 21, 2019.

You’re a CPA. You direct large sums of money, prepare tax returns, bestow financial advice, conduct audits…What would you consider your paramount duty for the success of your business?

Keep abreast of new tax regulations? Stay dialed in to current economic trends? Continue industry skills training?

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R&D Tax Credits Can Help Farmers Harvest Hemp Know-How

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated Aug 17, 2019.

Hemp. Marijuana. Cannabis. Until a few years ago, most Americans packed these three words into one broad ‘pot’ of usage.

Many folks – including lawmakers - who didn’t partake of the psychoactive plant marijuana, didn’t understand that a little chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) rendered that plant unique from hemp. Marijuana and hemp are two visually similar – yet chemically distinct - species of the cannabis plant.

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