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Ted Marquardt
Ted develops the marketing content strategy for CTI. Through cross-functional collaboration with Sales and Services teams, he plans content campaigns to continually evolve the CTI brand. Working with a superstar Marketing team of writers and graphic designers, he strives to provide customers and prospects with valuable educational content that attracts and excites.
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R&D Tax Credit in USA to Bolster Innovation Lags Globally

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Apr 3, 2019.

In December 1971, President Richard Nixon signed a bill called the National Cancer Act (NCA), starting a crusade in the U.S., declaring “War on Cancer”. With breakthrough treatments and early detection advances that have increased survival rates by 20 years, the government’s investment set the stage for the U.S. to become the world leader in cancer research.1

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Construction Tax Credits: Can You Claim It? Yes You Can!

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Mar 26, 2019.

For about 20 years now, young children have been welcoming the animated character Bob the Builder into their homes on their favorite kids television station. In fact, I personally have fond memories of cuddling on the couch with my kids on quiet Saturday mornings, watching Bob and the Can-Do Crew tackle any project while exclaiming “Can we fix it? Yes we can!”

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R&D Tax Credits for Wineries: Put a Cork in Lost Tax Savings

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Mar 16, 2019.

Starting in the late 1600’s, when it became possible to create glass bottles with an almost uniform shape and design, cork replaced glass wine stoppers as the sealing material of choice for wine bottles. This pairing of the cork and wine bottle is what ushered wine into the modern age, as from that point forward, wine now had the ability to age and evolve in the bottle.

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Win-win with Veterans: WOTC Target Group Fills the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Feb 26, 2019.

Broadcast from many a telecom speaker during business meetings, the phrase “win-win” is often uttered in an attempt to build support for an idea or initiative, with the hopes of convincing those affected that pursuing a proposal is advantageous for all parties involved.

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Rise of the Machines: Texas Manufacturing is Booming thanks to Automation

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Feb 20, 2019.

The phrase “Rise of the Machines” has become a ubiquitous slogan that is often invoked when one embarks on a discussion about technology and its increasing presence in both our public and private lives.

Some welcome “The Rise” with open arms for the personalization, efficiency, and convenience that technology makes available to us, enabling entrepreneurship, personal connections and a global oneness not encumbered by geography.

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Don’t Neglect Cybersecurity as a CPA

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Feb 12, 2019.

“It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.” If you are familiar with Aesop’s Fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper, you may recognize that quote as the closing thought of the Grasshopper who is struggling to survive a cold winter without any food.

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It’s Not Lonely in the Lone Star State! More Businesses Call Texas ‘Home’

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Feb 6, 2019.

On the heels of the record-setting incentive package of more than $1.5 billion in grants and tax breaks from New York state that Amazon stands to get for bringing at least 25,000 workers to a new campus in Queens, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was quoted as saying, “All things being equal, if we do nothing, they’re going to Texas.”

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Pop Quiz! What’s Your R&D Tax Credit IQ?

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Feb 2, 2019.

Nothing like a pop quiz to wake you up and get one’s juices flowing! You probably landed on our blog site thinking you could just passively sit there and read about the R&D Tax Credit, an income tax credit that can provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction in a company’s federal tax liability. Well, not today dear reader…not today.

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‘Money Grows in Rows’ for California Agriculture with the Help of R&D Tax Credits

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Jan 30, 2019.

California, the most populous state in the nation, is home to Hollywood stars, Silicon Valley technology, Disneyland amusements, sunny coastline beaches, and majestic National Parks. Since becoming a state nearly 170 years ago, California is one of the country's wealthiest and most socially and politically influential.

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Artificial Intelligence Means Real Opportunities for CPAs

Written by Ted Marquardt. Updated Jan 22, 2019.

 Your smartphone alarm goes off, and a new day has begun. You roll over in bed, grab your phone from the nightstand, and then briefly stare into it, allowing the device to recognize your face and unlock itself. You then mutter, “Hey Siri, what is the weather for today?”

While you learn it will be 41°F and rainy, your smart thermostat has already bumped up the temperature knowing you soon will be rolling out of the warm comfort of your bed.

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