Making A Move To CTI – WOTC Success Story

Written by Stephanie Cornejo Banuelos. Updated Sep 11, 2018.


Client Profile:


Mobile Auto Repair

Previous WOTC provider: 

National Payroll Company

Number of Annual Hires: 


Current WOTC Performance:

  • 97% Screening Compliance
  • $34,000 Annual WOTC
  • 12% Qualification Rate
  • $12 Average Credit per Hire
  • Low qualification rate. Although receiving a high compliance rate, the company was receiving a much lower qualification rate than similar businesses in their industry – benchmarking of similar businesses showed qualification rates well above 20%.
  • Lack of reporting and project follow up. Previous service provider did not conduct regular follow-up meetings to review key performance results/reporting to assist in improving overall program performance. 


  • Redesigned WOTC survey that was easier to understand and encouraged employee participation.
  • Develop WOTC training and education program for existing and new hiring managers.
  • Assigned dedicated account manager to monitor account for credit maximization and ensure performance metrics meet expectations.
  • Established monthly and quarterly performance review process to provide greater transparency and incorporate changes to improve WOTC results. 


With CTI, the company now receives an annual WOTC benefit increase over 10x:

  • 98% Screening compliance
  • $392,000 annual WOTC
  • 27% Qualification Rate
  • $140 Average credit per hire

A huge impact to their bottom line and a successful WOTC program with transparent results.  


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Stephanie Cornejo Banuelos

Written by Stephanie Cornejo Banuelos

Stephanie Banuelos leads CTI’s Credits & Incentives Practice with primary oversight of operations and overall practice development. She is focused on identifying, and maximizing federal, state and local tax credits that drive job creation, job training, capital investment and new business development.