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California Employment Training Panel

If your company is based in California, you may be eligible to get reimbursed for the majority of your training costs. California Employment Training Panel (ETP) is California’s premier program, supporting job creation and retention through training. Providing funds to offset the cost of job skills training necessary to maintain high-performance workplaces. ETP is a state agency that uses a pay-for performance contract to reimburse the costs for employer training.

  • ETP reimburses the cost of employer-driven training for incumbent workers and funding the type of training needed by unemployed workers to re-enter the workforce.
  • ETP has reimbursed employers over $1 billion for training workers in more than 80,000 businesses.
  • ETP also provides additional incentive to assist small businesses and employers in high unemployment areas of the State.
  • Manufacturing Industries are considered priority industries and deemed to have automatically met the qualification of facing out-of-state competition 

To be eligible for reimbursement, the Employer must do the following:

  • Be subject to unemployment insurance contribution and Employment Training Tax
  • Have one or more full-time Employees
  • Uses a California Employer Account Number to report wages

ETP funding is a performance-based contract by which training funds are earned.

To earn funding, trainees must:

  • Work full-time (35 hours or more)
  • Meet the employment retention requirement of working 90 days post training
  • Earn an ETP minimum wage during retention

 Employers can select any combination of internal or external training providers, and must choose the following delivery methods:

  • Classroom
  • Laboratory
  • Productive Laboratory
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)

ETP has fixed fee reimbursement rates. Rates are inclusive of training and administrative costs and are stipulated according to training delivery methods. Reach out to your CTI representative today for more details about California ETP.