Best Practices

Discover The Benefits Of Working With A Tax Expert To Claim Employment Incentives

It is important that businesses seeking to qualify for tax incentives, realize the full savings available from local, state, and federal employment tax credits and incentives programs. Working with a tax expert, you can build a strong lasting relationship, while achieving maximum tax savings.

Here are some employment incentives best practices from certified tax experts.

  1. Working with our clients to establish an effective program that minimizes any disruptions in their normal business operations.
    1. Collaborative design, document and review of company’s employment incentives programs
    2. Standard communication protocols between client and non-client personnel
    3. Provide training and education for administers of employment programs
  1. Reporting, Follow up and Support. Industry leading client management to ensure client secures the largest benefit with the least amount of operational disruptions
    1. Regular data management and performance report generation
    2. Standard bilateral data exchange
    3. Bi-monthly performance review, taking action where necessary
  1. Project Management. Our cutting-edge tax software, known as Access Point Platform, allows us to complete and manage all aspects of capturing and maximizing employment incentives.
    1. Annual review of performance, change in procedures, and introduction to new incentive programs.
  1. Screening Capabilities. We are able to screen applicants and employees for all state and federal point of hire programs using multiple screening methods.
    1. Single point of contact with the employee.
    2. Use of eSignatures to streamline the process and help increase employee qualification rates significantly.
    3. Integrating with HRIS, payroll, and government systems to exchange data.
  1. Audit approach in completing projects. Understanding there is no such thing as an audit-proof defense package, we focus on information availability and accessibility required to respond timely to any request from tax agencies in supporting the credit identified in our study. Audit-ready “tax package” prepared and delivered to our clients.