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The European Regional Development Fund is part of the Cohesion Policy budget and aims to strengthen regional economies, innovation and collaboration among SMEs. In 2021-2027 the fund wants to correct regional imbalances through investments in a smarter, greener, more connected and more social Europe.


In 2021-2027 the budget of the Cohesion Policy is €392 billion. About €313 billion is allocated for the European Regional Development Fund.

Opening Dates

During 2021-2027 several thematic calls will open, focussing on the funding priorities as mentioned earlier.

Funding Priorities

The funding priorities in 2021-2027 enable Europe and its regions to become:

  • More competitive and smarter, investments support innovation for small and medium-sized businesses, with special attention on digitalization and digital connectivity;
  • Greener, through reducing emissions and becoming more climate resilient;
  • More connected, by enhancing sustainable mobility solutions;
  • More social, investments support effective and inclusive employment and education, social inclusion, equal access to healthcare as well as enhancing the role of sustainable tourism and culture;
  • Closer to its citizens, the fund wants to support locally-led developments and sustainable urban development across the European Union.

Strategy of Southern Region

The European Commission requires every EU region to define a Research and Innovation Smart
Specialization Strategy (RIS3).

The RIS3 of the Southern region of The Netherlands focusses on five transitions. They identified
the following transitions to make both societal and economic impact:

1. Energy Transition Increase the usage of renewable energy
2. Materials Transition Use circular materials and decrease waste sources
3. Climate Transition Decrease carbon emissions
4. Agriculture & Food Transition Produce food sustainability and healthy for people
and planet
5. Healthcare Transition Increase the quality of life through prediction,
prevention, personalization and participation of


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