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Closed    Opened: 19 January 2022   |   Closes: 16 March 2022


The Farming Transformation Fund provides grants towards large capital items to help businesses improve productivity, profitability, and environmental sustainability. The Improving Farm Productivity grant is for innovative farming equipment that increases productivity and improves the environment. It has a focus on robotics and automation as well as slurry treatment equipment. 

Who can apply?

Farmers and horticulturalists in England can apply for the improving farm productivity grants. You need to own the land on which these activities take place, or you need to have a tenancy agreement in place until 5 years after the project has been completed.

Contractors can also apply if they have a registered business address in England. Contractors are defined as a business (including a sole trader) that carries out an agricultural or horticultural activity as a service.

The minimum grant you can claim is £35,000 (40% of £87,500). The maximum grant available under the Improving Farm Productivity theme is £500,000 per applicant.

Check if your project can apply for a grant here

What the grant is for

Slurry treatment equipment

The grant can pay up to 40% of the costs for:

  • mild acidification equipment (all projects must buy acid storage, dosing equipment, mixing tank and pump)
  • acidification infrastructure (for example, any work to adapt or install pipework, pumps etc to get slurry into the acidification system and then out to storage)

Robotics and innovation equipment

The grant can pay up to 40% of the costs for:

  • robotic horticulture and arable equipment (for example, robotic weeding, robotic harvesting)
  • robotic animal welfare equipment (for example, robotic milking, robotic feeding)
  • advanced ventilation control systems for existing horticultural and livestock buildings
  • wavelength-specific LED lighting for horticultural crops.


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