Frances Wo

Director of Sales

Frances Wo

Armed with top-ranking sales and customer service as a lead supervisor at Wells Fargo and her BA in Organizational Communication from California State University, Frances joined CTI as one of its first employees. From the beginning, she infused many key positions with patience, compassion, and commitment before becoming the Director of Sales.

Frances’ experience and nurturing manner is evident through her integral impact on CTI’s tax credits and incentives diversification process. Her proven adaptability has powered her to manage client projects, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She also possesses the confidence and finesse to conduct partnership building like a beautiful symphony.

Speaking of symphonies, Frances played concert cello for over 10 years. When Frances isn’t growing sales and creating business relationships, you may find her still playing the cello or exploring near and far away places with family and friends – but not before her morning cup of coffee.