Activities that may qualify

Job Creation

Net new job creation of as few as 10 people can qualify your company for cash grants and/or tax incentives. Many jurisdictions will also reimburse your company for hiring and training costs. Benefits vary depending on location, number and type of jobs. Minimum job creation thresholds reduced for R&D facilities.

Research & Development

R&D incentives are much more lucrative outside the US. The European Union offers cash grants of 70% of approved project costs, and many countries offer cash grants along with their tax incentives. All sizes of companies are eligible, but small and medium sized entities receive enhanced benefits.

Capital Expenditures

Tax incentives and cash grants are available in select jurisdictions for qualifying capital investments in property, plant and equipment. Additional incentives apply for investments in green buildings and renewable energy. Minimum expenditure thresholds reduced for R&D facilities.

Incentive for your industry

See how Global Incentives can work for your business. Learn more about tax incentives by industry clicking the links below.

Increase ROI Abroad with Global Incentives

Learn how your business can reduce your costs of doing business internationally and improve your return on investment.

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Why CTI for global incentives?

Navigating Complexity

Determining available credits can be challenging across projects and locations. Additionally, Europe requires all member states to adhere to State Aid regulations and strict reporting.

Expertise & Automation

Our experienced consultants discover the most valuable incentives available, layering tax and cash incentives where possible. Workflow automation provided by our secure in-house software ensures an efficient and transparent process.

CTI identified almost $2 million in R&D tax credits over three years. We’ve built a rapport and consistent methodology with CTI that makes for an efficient study process and credit amounts beyond our expectations.
Jeff Marshall, CEO & Co-founder, CrossInstall, Inc.