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As highly experienced tax experts, we don’t compete with traditional tax, finance or HR service providers. We support our partners by helping their clients realize tax savings from programs that are prohibitively complex or apply to only a small fraction of a firm’s clientele.

Benefits Of Partnering With CTI

  • Client Protection: Ensures your clients receive the best service in specialty areas, yet your firm remains in control. No additional services are offered without your CPA firm's approval.
  • Financial Benefit: CPAFirst is a revenue-sharing agreement, resulting in a benefit of up to 20% of engagement feeds for your firm. This ROI may be used as additional funds to continue obtaining CTI's services.
  • Staff Development: Training for your CPAs helps them gain a better understanding of specialty tax offers to speak intelligently with clients about these opportunities.
  • Technical Assistance: Assistance with client support is provided as needed, as well as alerts for newsworthy updates, such as significant changes in tax law.
  • Project Management: Partner software allows you to track, manage and review joint projects in real time. This software also provides access to tax forms and project support.
  • Practice Development: Guidance and support for expanding your CPA firm's list of service offerings helps your firm to retain and attract top clients and talent.

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CTI utilizes proprietary software, extensive tax and program knowledge and a flexible service delivery model to solve challenges that CPA firms face.

Become a Partner

Interested in partnering with CTI's experienced tax professionals? Learn more about our partner service offerings and how we can help support your business.

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