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Learn How Professional Employer Organizations Benefit By Partnering With Us

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) can secure employment incentives as part of their overall services and provide significant value to their clients. The PEOs’ large employment population allows for a good opportunity to generate substantial amounts of tax credits. CTI can incorporate a technology-based process that allows these benefits to be effectively and efficiently captured.

Working with CTI to capture employment incentives results in the following benefits:

PEO Benefits PEO Client Benefits
Increases client satisfaction Decreases federal and state tax liability
Provides additional revenue source Increases tax flow by reducing quarterly tax payments
Helps client retention/acquisition Receives additional source of income
Improves client value proposition Decreases operating expenses
Technology-Based Process To Secure Employment Credits

To capture the maximum benefit with minimal disruptions to you and your clients, we take the following steps:

1 Review Incorporate a customized screening process that allows information to be gathered at the time of hire as part of the employee onboarding/new hire process. The process will automatically tailor the screening questions/information gathered based on the incentives application to their specific work location.
2 Confirm For the potentially qualified employees identitifed during the review step, we will gather the supporting documentation to confirm their qualification. Often this will require securing information from independant third party informaion sources.
3 Qualify After the employee qualification is confirmed, a support file is compiled to confirm their qualification. Often this will involve completing some type of certification process.
4 Calculate Once the employee qualification is completed, we calculate the credit in accordance with the applicable program guidance. Often the benefit is based on the compensation paid to the employee.

Generally, the “common law employer” is the party entitled to the benefit. A common law employer is the party who is responsible for the hiring, firing, determining employee compensation and managing the employee’s day to day duties. Depending on the facts and circumstances, the PEO or the PEO Clients may be entitled to any available employment incentives.

 Available Credits:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Various State Employment Credits
Our technology provides the following advantages:
Customizable workflow integration Interactive screening process
Automatic form generation & submission process Electronic/Voice signature technology
Automatic document collection process Real-time calculation & management reporting
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