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Frequently Supported Green Building Incentive Programs

Having a cost segregation study done presents opportunities to capture even more tax benefits. Through a deep analysis of a property, it may be assessed that you also qualify for green building incentives, like the 179D deduction or solar power credits. An assessment of these additional opportunities should be included within the overall tax savings strategy for those who own real estate.

The drive to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil has resulted in a number of green building incentive programs that encourage businesses to adopt renewable energy alternatives.

At CTI, we work to maximize your green building benefits. Our engineering and construction experts guide you towards choices that qualify for green building incentives, as well as earn you tax credits for choices already made.

The following green building incentives are the programs we most frequently support:

These green building incentives reward lower energy use for lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water systems and building envelopes. In addition, manufacturers that produce energy-efficient appliances also earn valuable tax credits.