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Looking Beneath The Surface For Tax Savings

At CTI, we don’t take the “desktop approach” to cost segregation when reviewing a client’s depreciation schedules. A lot of times, a provider reviews documents on paper, but ultimately leaves a lot on the table. This approach often excludes a retroactive analysis that allows a client to “catch up” on any allowable depreciation.

Identifying qualified clients for cost segregation services is a task best left for the experts. Not only is a cost segregation specialist firm consistently up to date on all changes and modifications to cost segregation compliance, but they’re able to use robust technology to ensure clients are benefiting from and realizing all allowable depreciation.

When it comes to optimizing your real estate tax planning, a tax incentive specialist firm has the team of engineers and accountants that help secure the biggest savings. And, with a cost segregation study, we provide you with the proper asset identification for the most compliant application of the repair regulations.

The below resources help unearth your potential tax savings, while offering tips for traversing the complicated landscape of cost segregation rules and regulations.