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Take A Deep Dive Into How Your Business May Qualify For Research And Development Incentives

The Federal Credit for Increasing Research Activities ("The R&D Tax Credit") is an income tax credit that can provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction in a company’s federal tax liability.  Many states allow for a state-specific R&D Tax Credit for qualified expenses related to R&D activities conducted in their state.  The availability of these R&D incentives provides great “look back” opportunities where a business can go back to prior years, identify and capture the benefit and then request tax refunds.

Why Customers Choose CTI

With over 15+ years of helping customers successfully capture state and federal tax incentives, we’ve learned what makes a successful partnership. Let’s take a look at how your organization benefits by allowing CTI’s specialized team of R&D experts to do the heavy-lifting, while maximizing your return:

  • Maximizing Your Investment. CTI allocates every dollar you spend towards your implementation and project teams that directly impact your study. In addition, CTI provides a flexible fee schedule that allows you to pay for your R&D Tax Credit documentation conveniently through a success-based fee or similar payment plan.
  • Diversified Team. CTI's R&D tax credit specialists provide technical expertise from a variety of backgrounds: certified public accountants (CPAs), tax attorneys, former franchise tax board auditors, Big 4 accounting firm tax professionals, engineers and other industry specialization. 
  • Tax Beacon Technology. With data security being top of mind for every organization, our proprietary software, Tax Beacon, provides a secure environment for your organization to upload documents, view project status updates and efficiently reduce your tax burden by securing federal, state and local income tax credits.
  • Comprehensive Audit Support. Your organization will have all of the necessary information to file and claim the R&D credit. In addition, we complete the upfront work to fully prepare your company in lieu of an audit. Our process removes uncertainty, so you can run your business with confidence.
  • The Bottom Line. We focus on maximizing your return by exploring all federal and state program opportunities in addition to the R&D Tax Credit. With tax experts in each core tax incentive area, we are able to put more money back in your pocket, while optimizing your investment.
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All businesses that perform research and development activities in the U.S. qualify for R&D tax credits. Quickly estimate your company’s benefits by filling out the fields below.

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