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Gain Full Visibility Into The R&D Tax Credit Process With Tax Beacon

Few businesses take full advantage of cash-saving opportunities, such as R&D tax credits that are available to them. One of the ways to maximize savings is to utilize technology to help in the process. The Tax Beacon technology platform allows businesses the flexibility to outsource much of their process to capture and secure R&D tax credits.

By utilizing CTI’s tax credit software, Tax Beacon for project management, you can be assured that you are uncovering all of your tax credits with each touch of the system.

Some of the key functionality include:

  • “Cradle to Grave” software solution
  • Designed as a workflow to complete an R&D tax credit study
  • Designed to give control to the end-user (you the client!)
  • Calculate federal and state tax forms
  • Link documents to projects/activities
  • Provide document management system
  • Manage Information Requests and Data Inventory
  • Create project nexus for any tax year
  • Administer and track status and completion of Project Nexus
  • Collect QRE on a project or department/cost center approach
  • Compile, store, sort, organize and quantify data / documents
  • Administer project surveys for analysis against the R&D 4-part test
  • Provide contract review template for funded research analysis
  • Generate final deliverable reports
The Tax Beacon software is designed to be intuitive to users. This helps your internal accounting and tax team to understand the steps and sequences to complete an R&D Tax Credit Study, while maintaining transparency and control of the R&D tax credit claiming and documenting processes.

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