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Folsom, CA

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Principal at Corporate Tax Incentives

Taz founded CTI in Sacramento, California as a local specialty tax firmHarnessing his more than 20 years of tax and business incentives experience, he has grown the company into a national, multimillion-dollar tax specialty service for CPAs and businesses.

Though Taz has expanded the firm’s services over the years to include various statutory and discretionary incentives, he retains a dedicated focus on business incentives, such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Research and Development Tax Credit (R&D Tax Credit), and Cost Segregation.

As the business evolves, Taz sustains an unyielding commitment to delivering value and unparalleled customer service to CTI’s clients and CPA partners, ensuring that our results can withstand scrutiny and examination.

Prior to establishing CTI, Taz worked as a tax associate and auditor. He played a key role in instituting audit policies with the California Franchise Tax Board and co-authored an R&D audit guide. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from San Francisco State University and is a California-licensed CPA.

In the hours between governing a successful business, Taz likes to enjoy a cup of tea and tend to his vegetable garden. But whether in the office or looking after his crop, Taz approaches all endeavors with passion, drive, and integrity.

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