Improve Your Employees' Skills, Get ROI

Training incentives are offered to businesses with the goal of improving the skill level of individuals as well as to help the business offset related training costs.  You will find programs focused on existing employment, newly created positions, employing individuals with certain barriers to employment and businesses moving into a specific jurisdiction.  Hiring Incentives are often part of an overall incentive package offered to attract new business. 

Hiring programs are often funded at the federal level but managed and administered at the local level.  The programs provide benefits in the form of free training, income tax credits, wage subsidies or cash grants.  In addition, they will vary on their level of administration requirements and provide benefits for training in a multitude of formats such as formal classroom training, on-the-job training and/or online or other computer-based training. 

 Many eligible businesses overlook these programs simply because they are unaware they qualify or receive only a portion of their eligible benefit by failing to identify all the available programs or fully capturing the benefit for the programs they do identify.

All training incentive programs will be based on future training (as opposed to training that has already occurred) and often will require a formal application or other notification/approval process for your participation in the program.

Please refer to our Incentives by State Map to identify some specific Training Incentive programs.