Tools & Technology

Discover How Technology Helps Capture Training Credits

At CTI, we understand the importance of efficiency and transparency and we believe the best way to achieve both is through technology.  We developed an advanced, proprietary tax software system that allows us to efficiently capture available training credits and incentives.

Our cutting-edge tax software, known as Tax Beacon, is your entry point to streamlined project management that considerably reduces costs, while expediting our services in the following areas:

  • Identifying all state training incentives available based on business address and business type
  • Assisting in the identification of qualification categories, qualified employees and qualified costs
  • Helping companies capture and record the necessary qualification support and documentation
  • Automatically populating tax forms required for filing tax returns
  • Integrating with government systems and many HR management systems to exchange data
  • Providing automated credit calculators that use standard data templates
  • Generating standard reports to properly document the credit in the event of a tax agency audit

Our goal is to keep you properly informed and educated throughout all the steps of the process. That’s why the CTI AccessPoint Platform also allows you to:

  • Transfer documents in a highly secure environment
  • Generate standard credit reports and prepopulated applications
  • Check the status of your projects through a customized portal
  • Integrate with government and HR systems to exchange data
  • Benefit from automated credit calculators
  • Conduct an employee screening process
  • Find other support documentation