CTI's video hub is full of useful tips for discovering business and property incentives, as well as many other tax credits for your business. In addition, learn how some of our current customers have overcome challenges within their businesses by increasing their tax savings and impacting their bottom line.

How CTI Helped This Tech Company Capture Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

Discover how CTI helped technology company, Webpass capture previously untapped tax credit opportunities within enterprise zones.

How CTI's Tax Consultants Secure Business Incentives For Companies

Watch Darren Labrie, Principal at CTI, explain how and why CTI’s tax consultant services ensure businesses maximize their tax savings year after year.

Discover How CTI Helped This Client Capture Employment Tax Credits

Find out how CTI helped the Rodrick Management Group capture federal and state employment tax credits.

Discover How CTI Helped This Client Conduct Cost Segregation Studies

Watch this client testimonial and discover how CTI helped the Rodrick Management Group find hidden tax savings opportunities with cost segregation studies.

Success In Capturing Business Incentives For This S.F.-Based Business

Uncover how CTI helped the San Francisco Soup Company maximize substantial tax savings through capturing business incentives.

Discover How CTI's Tax Consultants Identify And Capture Tax Savings

Watch Taz Singh, Principal at CTI, discuss how their tax experts help unearth financially significant tax savings for companies of all sizes.

CTI Tax Beacon

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