Why CTI Overview

CTI is a tax specialty firm that has been providing tax solutions for businesses for over 14 years and secured hundreds of millions of dollars of financial and tax benefits for our clients.  Our unique process and audit focused oriented approach combines tax technical expertise with cutting edge technology to bring transparency and control to maximizing credits and incentives.


  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Increase business net income by reducting certain expenses
  • Provide reduction in business' federal and state tax liability
  • Generate funding for certain areas such as training employees and infrastructure improvements
  • Allow HR and Tax Departments to generate additional revenue 
  • Additional funding can be used to offset affects of cutbacks and/or provide funding to other special projects
  • Participation in incentive programs can play a significant role in a business' expansion plans by increasing the return on investment

Triggering events

  • Annual employee hires > 300 and/or
    Annual military employment hires > 75 (US hires only)
  • Business operations within a federal, state and/or local economic/enterprise zone
  • Change in physical operations (Expansion, Consolidations or Relocations)
  • Major capital expenditures (> $1M in any single location)
  • New job creation (> 25 in a single state)
  • New/existing employee training (25+ trainees in a single state)
  • Research & development spending (>$500K spend in a single state)
  • Design, develop, improve a product, process, technique, formula, invention or software
  • Design, construction and/or improvement of building and homes including energy efficient lighting, HVAC, hot water or building envelope systems
  • Domestic manufacturing and production activities
  • Audit activity for Income, Employment, Property or Sales/Use Taxes
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