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Be a part of something bigger

Our clients’ success is CTI's success – and yours. We’re delivering prosperity and growth opportunities for companies across the nation and within our own team.  What you do at CTI can trigger invigorating ripples for both yourself and our clients.

Our CTI Community mindset

As a CTI employee, you’re not just a means to a new client, high sales figure, or completed project, you’re a part of a tight-knit team. We respect that your home life and relationships are important, so we don’t just say we care, we show it. Generous PTO, robust benefits packages, and flexible schedules are just some of the many ways.

We keep it together

Our CTI community culture is not all business. Together we attend sporting events, coordinate fun lunches and impressive holiday parties, hit the gym, and organize charity events. This is just a sampling of the many off-the-clock activities that add a little recreation to our routine.

We cultivate our connectivity

Though we live far apart, we work closely together. Our CTI team spans the nation: Cali to Colorado, PA to WA, and Texas is too big to forget. We care more about who you are than where you are. With video chat, email, and mobile, we stay connected.

What our team is saying...

I appreciate our leaders’ openness to ideas. Growth can only happen in an open-minded environment.
Betty Chen - Project Manager
I love working at CTI because it allows me to make a meaningful difference by helping businesses navigate complex tax landscapes, ensuring they claim the tax credits and incentives they deserve, all while being part of a dynamic and diverse team.
Frances Wo - Director, Business Development
Blake Peters
I love CTI’s team-oriented and laser focused approach to achieve high-quality results for our clients. We take pride in our work.
Blake Peters - Associate Director, R&D
CTI is a place where I am able to build a long-term career. I feel challenged and supported every single day.
Tashiana Jackson - Senior Project Manager

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Work-life is a little bit different at CTI because the owners have an open-door policy. You can easily walk into their office; they are very approachable. They are always encouraging us to communicate, collaborate and bring different ideas to the table.
Elva Barajas, Marketing Coordinator