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Elevate Your Tax Savings with WOTC

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit program enables businesses to reduce their tax liability by way of tax credits for new employees who qualify. You may already be hiring qualified workers and don't realize it. Your hiring practices can save you money while giving others a path to employment.



Research & Development Tax Credit

Companies often overlook R&D tax credits thinking that only high-tech and research-heavy industries are eligible. But R&D tax credits are available to all industries for technical approaches to problem-solving. Discover how your business can profit from research and development tax credits.

7 Critical R&D Tax Credit Services Your CPA Firm Needs to Offer Clients

You know your clients. You are their trusted advisor with unique insight into their history, preferences, and goals. To provide the comprehensive service they expect from a CPA, you need a tax specialist on your side. Deliver greater tax savings for your clients by partnering with R&D tax credit specialists. 

Putting Location-Based Tax Incentive Programs to Work for Your Business

Tax incentive programs like opportunity zones encourage businesses to expand their activities into geographic areas in need of revitalization. But the ever-changing, complex nature of location-based tax incentives makes it hard for most business owners to maximize these tax savings on their own. 

The Key to Unlocking Your Cost Segregation Potential This Year

Cost segregation is a sophisticated tax strategy that expedites taxable income savings by shortening the depreciation life for certain real estate assets. If you've acquired, remodeled, expanded, or constructed real estate, you can likely benefit from a cost segregation study. Get larger depreciation deductions sooner.


The Benefits of Partnering with an Outsourced Tax Consultant

Are you concerned about your CPA firm's ability to keep up with increasing client demands for a broader range of services? If you lack the right resources, you risk losing your client base to competitors. Uncover the many benefits of partnering to help your CPA firm deliver on specialty work.