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WOTC GuideHow To Increase Tax Savings With The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit program allows businesses to save money on tax liability by issuing credits for new hires who qualify through the program. Tax incentives like the WOTC have the potential to significantly improve your tax budget when you take advantage of this opportunity.

R&D Tax Credit WhitepaperWhat Can R&D Do For You?

The Insider’s Guide To Calculating (And Profiting From) Your Research And Development Tax Credits - The elusive research and development (R&D) tax credit is one of the best-kept secrets of the IRS. But while its requirements might be complicated, its payoff is phenomenal.

R&D Tax Credit Services Whitepaper7 Critical R&D Tax Credit Services Your CPA Firm Needs To Offer Clients

You want to provide your CPA firm’s clients with the most financially advantageous approach to their business. Are your clients entitled to receive research and development (R&D) tax credits? Does your personnel know how to navigate the complex landscape of R&D tax credits to optimize the rewards while minimizing an audit risk?

R&D Tax Credits For Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies like yours have a number of viable opportunities to capturing R&D tax credits – incentives created to incentivize growth and innovation within the industry. If you aren't pursuing every possible benefit to recover investments made in the research of new drug discovery and development, you're leaving money on the table.

Location-Based Tax Incentives WhitepaperPutting Location-Based Tax Incentive Programs To Work For Your Business

If you’re looking to generate more revenue for your business via tax incentives, you’ve likely learned about location-based incentives. Incentive programs, such as empowerment zones, are created to provide businesses with financial encouragement to expand their activities into geographic areas in need of revitalization.

Cost Segregation WhitepaperThe Key To Unlocking Your Cost Segregation Potential This Year

Cost segregation is a complex path to pursue, especially if you don’t understand critical components of conducting an analysis, negotiating complicated IRS forms and steering the right strategy towards tax savings.

The Benefits Of Partnering With An Outsourced Tax Consultant To Take On Your CPA Firm's Specialty Work

Are you concerned about your CPA firm's ability to keep up with increasing client demands for a broader range of services? As you likely already know, when you lack the right resources to truly maximize tax benefits for your clients, you risk losing your client base to competitors.