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Soar to New Heights with Tax Incentives

Let CTI capture funding for you by maximizing tax incentives for your business through expert know-how and personalized service.

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Business activities that can qualify

  • Develop or improve products, processes, or software
  • Design or enhance techniques, formulas, or inventions
  • Expand, consolidate, or relocate operations
  • Research & development spending > $250K
  • Enterprise zone operations in a federal, state, or local zone
  • Property acquisition/leasehold improvements > $500K
  • Annual employee hires > 500
  • New job creation ( > 25 jobs in a single state)
  • Annual military hires ( > 75 US hires only)
  • Employee training ( > 40 trainees in a single state)
  • Active tax audits: income, sales, or property tax
  • Major capital expenditures ( > $1M in any single location)

Why CTI is right for your business

We build relationships

We partner with you to gain deeper insights about your business and align an overall tax strategy tailored to your business needs.

Our success depends on yours, so we strive to deliver attentive, personalized care.

We instill confidence

We insist on full transparency, proactively providing regular status reports and 24x7 dashboard access.

We hold our deliverables to the highest quality, with the ability to withstand any scrutiny, backed by audit defense as a standard service.

We deliver value

Since 2001, businesses choose CTI because we consistently produce superior results for our clients.

We identify all material programs and maximize all available benefits by applying best practices that only a specialty tax firm can.

CTI identified almost $2 million in R&D tax credits over three years. We’ve built a rapport and consistent methodology with CTI that makes for an efficient study process and credit amounts beyond our expectations.
Jeff Marshall, CEO & Co-founder