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De La Montanya Vineyards & Winery

“One of the most impressive things is that CTI got into our business to try to understand what we went through during the period of COVID and what disruptions we had. They were able to tailor the request from us to be able to get them the data they need to do their job. They are definitely a strategic partner! ”
Dennis De La Montanya, Founder & President

Year-End Results

“CTI has tailored their services for my clients. I have several clients that have worked with them from wineries, hospitality, restaurants, and cannabis. What laid my fears to rest in working with CTI is the personal attention you receive from the employees... you can call them, email them, they answer back!”
Jeanine Vatalaro, Owner / Bookkeeper


“I honestly was shocked when we went through our first year with CTI we had an 89% completion rate, to me that’s unheard of. It shows that the partnership is there, it shows that their team is dedicated to working with us and they are trying to maximize your tax credits not just for the federal but also the state and local.”
Jay Ramos, President

The Rodrick Management Group

“Being able to use online screening technology that my employees understand and want to use, as oppose to forcing antiquated systems, has been a HUGE benefit of working with CTI.”
Scott Rodrick, President


“CTI exposed a lot of value that we weren’t obtaining, in terms of building a proprietary software and not taking the credits in the years we could have been taking, and in terms of hiring employees in the cities they worked in and not taking those credits.”
Brian Patton, Controller


“A big part of the solution that impacted Amtec was CTI had a dedicated project manager who interacted with my payroll and back office team. Having a live person on the phone for the candidate to answer the questions and fill out the form was a big thing that made the candidate experience world class.”
Jay Ramos, President

The Rodrick Management Group

“I turned over one single restaurant project to CTI…to unlock not only significant tax savings, but it made me realize there were a lot of unearthed, hidden assets in my company that I have not yet triggered.”
Scott Rodrick, President

San Francisco Soup Company

“We’ve been able to grow from 5 locations to 17 locations largely due to the cash flow savings that we’ve had and lower taxes that we’ve had to pay. No one gets better tax savings than CTI and provides better customer service.”
Steve Sarver, Co-owner

What our clients are saying

I really liked the audit protection, operating with the knowledge that CTI stands behind its work. Audit protection, personal relationships, and the ease of the step-by-step process...I could not be happier with the results.”
Adam Zachs, Director of Compliance
We have been pleasantly surprised at the substantial dollar-for-dollar credits that CTI has captured. There is no effort on our part, we just reap the benefits. It is so easy and simple a process with CTI. It’s a no-brainer…
Robert Seawright, President & CEO
CTI identified almost $2 million in R&D tax credits over three years. We’ve built a rapport and consistent methodology with CTI that makes for an efficient study process and credit amounts beyond our expectations.
Jeff Marshall, CEO & Co-founder
Their competency exceeds any national CPA firm due to their specialization, and they are very professional and trustworthy.
Anthony Mancini, CPA
Our firm engaged CTI to assist with complicated tax strategies. They were professional, responsive, and the work product was excellent. I would recommend CTI to anyone needing similar services.
Patrick O’Brien, Esq., Managing Partner

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