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Facts about discretionary incentives

  • Types of discretionary benefits
    • Tax credits
    • Financing benefits
    • Grants
    • Tax exemptions/abatements
    • Infrastructure assistance
  • Where my business can save
    • Employment
    • Training
    • Property & capital investments
    • Research and development
  • How I can use these incentives
    • Site development
    • Business expansion
    • Job creation/workforce expansion
    • Agricultural production/processing
    • Infrastructure cost reduction

Soar to New Heights with Tax Incentives

Let CTI capture funding for you by maximizing tax incentives for your business through expert know-how and personalized service.

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Why CTI for discretionary incentives

Not Your Standard Incentive

These incentives go beyond the standard published programs. The value of the available incentive is considered a variable in the overall investment decision of the business and best negotiated by a seasoned professional.

Benefits in the Details

Discretionary incentives require a more comprehensive approach as they vary state by state and often include multiple jurisdictions - which can add diverse regulatory considerations.

‘But for’ Clause

The incentives’ mandatory ‘but for’ clause necessitates that a company cannot otherwise pursue the proposed project or investment without the help of said incentives and should present a ‘willing-to-walk’ posture as opposed to an ‘all-in’ commitment. CTI possesses the expertise to navigate this requirement successfully.

A big part of the solution that impacted Amtec was CTI had a dedicated project manager who interacted with my payroll and back office team. Having a live person on the phone for the candidate to answer the questions and fill out the form was a big thing that made the candidate experience world class.
Jay Ramos, President