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Activities that typically qualify

Hiring from Certain Groups

To encourage companies to hire people who often experience barriers to employment, such as veterans, public assistance recipients, or ex-felons, the government offers initiatives designed to grant employers tax-saving opportunities.

Creating New Jobs

Several state and local governments offer economic development incentives that provide support for companies that invest and expand their operations and workforce within the state to bring new jobs to their communities.

Training & Upskilling

Many states help employers address the cost associated with upgrading the skills of workers. They recognize that it leads to good paying, long-term jobs and bolsters business attraction, retention, and expansion.

Popular programs

Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

WOTC grants tax credits towards an employer’s federal income tax liability. Credits range from $1,200 to $9,600 per qualified new hire, depending on the new hires' WOTC target group.

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State Point-of-Hire Tax Credits

Many states offer hiring credits like the WOTC for job creation. We call these “piggyback credits” since we can capture the state credits simultaneously when screening for the WOTC.

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Elevate Your Tax Savings with WOTC

Learn how your business can save on income tax liability by hiring individuals who often experience employment roadblocks.

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How CTI maximizes savings


Dedicated Manager & Team

Experienced professionals delivering personalized service. Expect proactive engagement to secure unequaled returns.


Understanding the Value

Using data analytics, we benchmark KPIs for the WOTC and 17 other federal/state credits to optimize your expected benefit.


Superior Screening

We offer system integration and multiple modes for evaluating applicants. Get more responses with our user-friendly survey.


Optimized Solution

We tailor and continuously refine a study program based on your unique attributes and KPIs for your industry and location.


Proactive Management

We persistently monitor your state agency applications, quickly resolving issues to obtain prompt certificate approvals.


Dashboard Reporting

Transparency comes with 24x7 access to our Client Portal for real-time views into project status, metrics, and reports.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the substantial dollar-for-dollar credits that CTI has captured. There is no effort on our part, we just reap the benefits. It is so easy and simple a process with CTI. It’s a no-brainer...
Robert Seawright, President & CEO
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