Achieve business goals

“We want to develop product lines and open another manufacturing location – how can tax incentives help with funding?”

Bolster Expansion

Maximize ROI with the daily efforts you already perform.
  • Enhance your business’ cash flow
  • Offset high capital costs for new, expanding, or relocated business sites
  • Avoid cutbacks and allow funding for other special projects
  • Realize financial benefits with job creation incentives for expansion projects
“To combat high turnover, we implemented recruitment strategies to attract new hires – can tax credits help to control costs?”

Reduce Costs

Lower tax liability with dollar-for-dollar tax credits.
  • Lower your business’ effective tax rate
  • Accelerate the recovery of construction expenditures
  • Offset your employer payroll tax responsibilities
  • Lessen the impact of talent recruitment investment
“Like many small startups, we are currently operating at a loss – can we benefit from tax incentives now? How about in the future?”

Attain Financial Goals

Tax planning is a strategy that will provide substantial value to your business.
  • Carry forward unused credits and apply them to a future tax year
  • Increase the NPV (Net Present Value) of project investments
  • Improve acquisition attractiveness with transferrable tax credits
  • Pursue efficiencies that boost tax credit eligibility and your bottom line

Soar to New Heights with Tax Incentives

Let CTI capture funding for you by maximizing tax incentives for your business through expert know-how and personalized service.

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I really liked the audit protection, operating with the knowledge that CTI stands behind its work. Audit protection, personal relationships, and the ease of the step-by-step process...I could not be happier with the results.
Adam Zachs, Director of Compliance
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