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How CTI maximizes tax savings



We educate executives and key stakeholders about tax incentives to gain buy-in, support from teams, and access to documentation to maximize your savings.


2Set Goals

We target incentives that align holistically with your business objectives, identifying all the federal, state, and local programs from which you can reap rewards.



We uncover all factors that can lead to savings, like research activities, employment practices, and real estate assets whose depreciation life can be reduced.



We have proven processes supported by in-house automation, structured workflows, and dashboards that promote communication and transparency.



Backed by robust project management reporting, we'll suggest process improvements to further maximize future results and minimize administrative burden.



In the unlikely event that your claim comes under agency scrutiny, we will stand by you and defend our deliverables as part of our standard service.

Soar to New Heights with Tax Incentives

Let CTI capture funding for you by maximizing tax incentives for your business through expert know-how and personalized service.

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What to expect with CTI

Proactive Management

CTI partners you with a success manager, an experienced professional who understands your business and industry, and will provide direct personalized service. Also, you can expect proactive personal engagement to review performance reports, quickly address ‘red flags,’ and make recommendations critical to the success of your program.

Dashboard Reporting

Transparency is honesty. Providing quality service means keeping you informed. That is why as part of your program, you will have 24x7 access to our Client Portal, where you can view the status of your projects, securely transfer documents, examine performance metrics, and review reports.

Specialized In-house Technology

An incentives program should never be burdensome on your time and resources. To minimize disruptions and optimize efficiencies, we've developed tools to use time wisely. With a secure, in-house IT platform built for structured project delivery workflow and system integrations (HR, payroll, etc.), CTI streamlines processes with more comprehensive results. 

When we went through our first year with CTI we had an 89% completion rate, to me that’s unheard of...their team is dedicated to working with us and they are trying to maximize your tax credits.
Jay Ramos, President of Amtec