Activities that can qualify

  • New product development, such as gluten-free products
  • Shelf life extension methods development
  • Designs to comply with new environmental regulations
  • Prototype product samples for testing formulations
  • New or improved bottling processes
  • Software application development for internal use
  • Manufacturing technology and process improvements
  • Packaging and packaging systems development

How much businesses can save

New Product Development


Avg Annual Revenue


Total Fed/State R&D Credits

Improved Recipe Formulation


Avg Annual Revenue


Total Fed/State R&D Credits

Brewing Process Optimizations


Avg Annual Revenue


Total Fed/State R&D Credits

How CTI makes tax incentives easy

Resource Constraint

A food manufacturer engaged CTI for a R&D study, but due to cutbacks and workload, CTI was limited as to how much time could be spent directly interfacing with staff to learn about operations and the department’s R&D activities.

Reconstruct Expenses

CTI kept interviews with key staff to a minimum and reconstructed project expenses for wages, supplies, and materials by meticulously reviewing invoices and other documentation. CTI quantified all qualified expenditures and exceeded the original R&D credit estimate.

Soar to New Heights with Tax Incentives

Let CTI capture funding for you by maximizing tax incentives for your business through expert know-how and personalized service.

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Types of incentives

Employment Incentives

In recognition of the jobs and training that employers like you provide, governments offer employment incentives to help you offset payroll taxes, pay for employee training, and tap into new talent pools.

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R&D Incentives

Research and development incentives reward businesses of all industries and sizes for technical approaches to problem-solving, thus promoting innovation and improvement for companies and the economy.

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Cost Segregation

Increase cash flow with cost segregation’s accelerated depreciation for real estate assets. If you've acquired, remodeled, expanded, or constructed real estate, you can likely benefit from a cost segregation study.

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Discretionary Incentives

Take advantage of your business location with discretionary incentives that go beyond standard incentive opportunities. Know where to look and how to negotiate in order to reap your full financial potential.

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I really liked the audit protection, operating with the knowledge that CTI stands behind its work. Audit protection, personal relationships, and the ease of the step-by-step process...I could not be happier with the results.
Adam Zachs, Director of Compliance
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