How CTI achieves better results

  • One screening touchpoint to capture the WOTC and 17 other federal and state credits
  • Proactive engagement from a dedicated project manager
  • Blended screening methods for increased response rates
  • Rigorous validation of screening data against payroll data
  • Prompt certificate approvals through state applications monitoring 
  • Real-time 24x7 access to monitor credit benefit levels
  • Regular reporting of screening and benefit progress
  • Increased value with federal Empowerment Zone credits

How much businesses can save

Regional Restaurant Chain


Annual Hires


Annual WOTC Benefit


Average WOTC Credit

Fast Food Franchise


Annual Hires


Annual WOTC Benefit


Average WOTC Credit

National Restaurant Chain


Annual Hires


Annual WOTC Benefit


Average WOTC Credit

Soar to New Heights with Tax Incentives

Let CTI capture funding for you by maximizing tax incentives for your business through expert know-how and personalized service.

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How CTI makes tax incentives easy

High Turnover & No Training Budget

An upscale restaurant chain was plagued by high turnover, staff shortages, and a sparse budget to pay for training. Overtime, doubling-up duties, and frequent employees-in-training were stressing workers and impacting their ability to provide good service. In response, business declined.

Better Services & Labor Pool Alternatives

CTI’s expert team showed how we can provide superior service and value over their current WOTC provider. We helped the restaurant discover a labor pool they had previously overlooked and increased their tax credit captures to fund training and a higher, more competitive pay rate.
We have been pleasantly surprised at the substantial dollar-for-dollar credits that CTI has captured. There is no effort on our part, we just reap the benefits. It is so easy and simple a process with CTI. It’s a no-brainer...
Robert Seawright, President & CEO
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