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Activities that can qualify

  • Hiring a high number of new employees annually
  • Software dev to manage customers and processes
  • Manufacturing or production processes improvement
  • Product or process design and modeling
  • Training for employee skill development
  • Materials research for weight, strength, texture, and cost
  • Prototype development and testing for product validation
  • Retail fixture design and fabrication

How much businesses can save

Clothing Retailer


Annual Hires


Annual WOTC Benefit


Average WOTC Credit

Footware Chain


Annual Hires


Annual WOTC Benefit


Average WOTC Credit

General Merchandise


Annual Hires


Annual WOTC Benefit


Average WOTC Credit

How CTI makes tax incentives easy

Limited Knowledge & Manpower

For years a retail distributor relied on their finance and accounting teams to claim R&D tax credits. Due to a massive consolidation, they did not have the manpower to fully document research activities and expenses. They also were not aware of their WOTC claim potential.

Tailored Tax Incentives Strategy

CTI’s expert team delivered a new inventory of tax-saving opportunities by revealing the company’s potential to capture both WOTC and R&D credits. CTI then went to work to capture all possible credits for them – ultimately dispensing substantial tax savings they could reinvest into the business.

Soar to New Heights with Tax Incentives

Let CTI capture funding for you by maximizing tax incentives for your business through expert know-how and personalized service.

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Types of incentives

Employment Incentives

In recognition of the jobs and training that employers like you provide, governments offer employment incentives to help you offset payroll taxes, pay for employee training, and tap into new talent pools.

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R&D Incentives

Research and development incentives reward businesses of all industries and sizes for technical approaches to problem-solving, thus promoting innovation and improvement for companies and the economy.

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Cost Segregation

Increase cash flow with cost segregation’s accelerated depreciation for real estate assets. If you've acquired, remodeled, expanded, or constructed real estate, you can likely benefit from a cost segregation study.

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Discretionary Incentives

Take advantage of your business location with discretionary incentives that go beyond standard incentive opportunities. Know where to look and how to negotiate in order to reap your full financial potential.

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A big part of the solution that impacted Amtec was CTI had a dedicated project manager who interacted with my payroll and back office team. Having a live person on the phone for the candidate to answer the questions and fill out the form was a big thing that made the candidate experience world class.”
Jay Ramos, President