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Activities that can qualify

  • Database architecture and optimization programming
  • UI/UX engineering, prototyping, and wire framing
  • Functional specifications development and evaluation
  • Programming for FTPs, REST, API, SEO, and more functions
  • Data science and algorithm modeling
  • Code or algorithm development for improved functionality
  • Application enhancements and capabilities development
  • Emerging tech development such as AI or voice search

How much businesses can save

Game-Building Engine


Avg Annual Revenue


Total Fed/State R&D Credits

Scalable Content


Avg Annual Revenue


Total Fed/State R&D Credits

Hardware Applications
for Video


Avg Annual Revenue


Total Fed/State R&D Credits

* Credits higher than revenue due to payroll tax offset allowance for start-up.

How CTI makes tax incentives easy

Determining Qualified Wages

Knowing they could claim R&D tax credits for the time employees devoted to software research and development, a small and growing telecom business struggled to accurately and thoroughly quantify the eligible wages for the various staff involved in the company’s software development activities.

Detailed Feasibility Review

CTI’s team of specialists meticulously examined the company's potential for qualified R&D activities and expenses related to software projects. They then went beyond core software engineers to also identify qualified wages for direct support personnel, high-level executives, and third-party contractors. CTI’s credit estimate was $375,000 higher than expected.

Power Success with R&D Tax Credits

Innovation powers the economy. Government rewards you for it with tax incentives. Much of the research activity your firm performs may qualify.

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Types of incentives

I really liked the audit protection, operating with the knowledge that CTI stands behind its work. Audit protection, personal relationships, and the ease of the step-by-step process...I could not be happier with the results.
Adam Zachs, Director of Compliance
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