Stay Competitive with Tax Specialists on Your Side.

CTI complements your consultancy with elite tax professionals and skilled incentives program management, all with the transparency you require to nurture client relationships.

Benefits of Partnership


All-Star Expert Team

of legal, engineering, science, accounting & finance


Proactive Management

with personal engagement to secure unequaled returns


Client Retention

as control of the relationship remains in your hands


Flexible Methodology

founded on a framework configurable to your needs


Dashboard Reporting

with 24x7 access to clients’ tax project data in real-time


Workflow Automation

to optimize efficiencies with secure, in-house software

Our Services

What CPA Partners are Saying

Their competency exceeds any national CPA firm due to their specialization, and they are very professional and trustworthy. Anthony Mancini, CPA, Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP


From our vast experience of working with CPAs, we have identified several activities and thresholds that can make your client’s business an ideal candidate for benefiting from a CPA-CTI partnership.

  • Annual employee hires > 750
  • Employee training ( > 40 trainees in a single state)
  • Operations in a federal, state, or local enterprise zone
  • Develop or improve products, processes, or software
  • Design or enhance techniques, formulas, or inventions
  • Property acquisition/leasehold improvements > $500K
  • Annual military hires > 75 (US hires only)
  • New job creation ( > 25 jobs in a single state)
  • Expand, consolidate, or relocate operations
  • Research & development spending
  • Active tax audits: income, sales, or property tax
  • Major capital expenditures

We Can Do Lunch!

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CTI’s team of experienced professionals are regularly invited to present to CPA firms about tax incentives and our expert services. Interested in having us host a ‘Lunch & Learn’ in your office, or to present an online Webinar for your team?

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