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Activities that typically qualify

Salary & Wages

Wages for in-house engineers, scientists, and other technical personnel performing research activities can qualify. Also, the salary for leads and executives with direct supervision or support of research is often eligible for the credit as well.

Supply Costs

Supplies are any tangible property other than land, land improvements, or assets subject to depreciation that is used or consumed during research. Supply expenses must be directly linked to qualified research activities.

Contract Research Expenses

Sixty-five percent of any money a company pays to any person (other than an employee) for qualified research can be eligible. You must have rights to the research results and bear the economic risk of research for the contract expense to qualify.

Popular programs

Federal Credit for Increasing Research Activities

The R&D Tax Credit was enacted to incentivize businesses to invest in developing new or improved business components, to create jobs in the U.S., and to compete globally.

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Federal R&D Payroll Tax Offset

This provision allows a start-up company (a qualified small business) to claim credit against employer-paid payroll taxes up to $250,000 in qualified research expenses.

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Elevate Your Business with R&D Tax Credits

Companies of all industries and sizes benefit from R&D tax incentives to spur growth and innovation.

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How CTI maximizes savings


Dedicated Professionals

Your CTI team includes attorneys, CPAs, engineers, and scientists experienced with large consultancy firms and federal/state agencies.


More Sustainable Value

We look beyond obvious R&D activities, digging deep to find more value in credits, deductions, and sales and property tax benefits.


Flexible Methodology

Founded on transparent, well-documented study procedures, our framework is configurable to your unique needs.


Workflow Automation

We optimize efficiencies and produce quality studies with our secure, in-house software built for structured project workflow.


Proactive Management

Each project has unique challenges, and we actively engage you to recommend adjustments for maximizing benefits.


Reliable Deliverables

We assemble an electronic, searchable substantiation package to enable timely responses to agencies to justify credits.

CTI identified almost $2 million in R&D tax credits over three years. We’ve built a rapport and consistent methodology with CTI that makes for an efficient study process and credit amounts beyond our expectations.
Jeff Marshall, CEO & Co-founder