What Can R&D Do For You?

The Insider’s Guide To Calculating (And Profiting From) Your Research And Development Tax Credits

The elusive research and development (R&D) tax credit is one of the best-kept secrets of the IRS. But while its requirements might be complicated, its payoff is phenomenal.

The secret to maximizing your federal research and development tax credit is knowing which research and development expenses count toward the credit – and which don’t. In fact, this tax planning strategy requires expert-level acumen.

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  • How to support the ASC 740 memorandum in your filing
  • How to track and document all research and development costs
  • How to thoroughly protect your data throughout the R&D and filing process

Whether you’re working with a CPA firm or relying on in-house accountants, you need this insider’s guide to maximize your possible credit and minimize your audit risk.