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Security standards for ISO 27001


1Organizational Compliance

Establishing access controls for employees and applications, enforcing policies on data inventory management, and participating in annual audits for compliance and continued improvement.


2Executive Governance

Involving senior execs in defining security protocols, maintaining standards, promoting improvements, and supporting HR policies for hiring, training, moves, and departures.


3Physical & Technology Security

Installing physical and environmental security systems in all company locations and implementing security measures for all applications on all company computer systems.


4Disaster Preparedness

Having response and disaster-recovery plans at-the-ready, immediately notifying clients affected by a breach, and executing checklists to restore security, recover data, and resume operations.

ISMS compliance at CTI

Document Version Control & Data Management

Our in-house software platform serves as a document management system for storing, versioning, and securing the contemporaneous documentation related to your claims. The system enforces robust data inventory controls to compile, store, organize, and quantify the data needed for current and future year reporting.


Access Rights Controls

Our in-house platform enables easy user role administration and system log tracking of user access and data change version control. Integration with other systems of record (human resources, general ledger, payroll, contracts, etc.) is fortified with secure, encrypted connections.

Secure document transfer

To promote both efficiency and security, our system can send and accept files in a variety of formats by way of Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). As part of our service, CTI can set up automatic ‘pulls and pushes’ of data by way of this highly secure, encrypted file transmission technology.

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