Don’t Fear the Audit, Partner with a Tax Consultant

Written by Charlotte Ochs. Updated Jun 8, 2019.

AuditYou are a savvy business owner. Part of your business acumen includes knowledge of potential tax credits that can benefit your bottom line. However, the words “potential for audit” linger in the back of your mind.

Audits rightly concern business owners. But that concern can be mitigated if you partner with a firm possessing the experience and resources your business deserves, like CTI. Not all consulting firms are created equal.

CTI regularly provides audit defense as part of our product offering. Our professionals work to substantiate credits while identifying documentation and information to assist in the event of an audit. We work with your subject matter experts to identify the information that quantifies and qualifies costs towards credits.

Furthermore, CTI stays current on rulings and regulatory changes that could affect the ultimate credits. We proactively implement modifications and updates that result in well-rounded studies. We also follow pending legislation through Congress to be able to provide up-to-date benefits that maximize the potential savings for your business.

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In addition to actively conforming to the latest legal updates, CTI regularly evaluates internal processes to make sure that our comprehensive reviews meet and maintain high internal standards.

We do not just provide a credit. Our goal is to build lasting relationships, with our clients and CPAs, and provide a high-quality product that exceeds internal and industry standards to address any potential audit issues head on.

With CTI you get a proactive approach to securing credits that are calculated with an eye towards potential audit issues. We have an internal audit department with significant experience and insight into how to properly identify, qualify, and quantify incentives.

When you partner with CTI, you get:

  • identification of material programs to maximize all available benefits by applying best practices that only a specialty tax firm delivers
  • experienced tax professionals with legal, accounting, engineering, and science backgrounds
  • a comprehensive process that captures the source documentation and legal analysis to withstand any external or internal review of the benefits
  • established goals and objectives for each project based on industry and geographic benchmarking
  • consistent reporting that provides you with an up-to-date project status
  • audit defense that is included as a standard service in your engagement

Tax incentives benefit companies like yours. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the potential savings for your business. The time to save is now.

Partner with CTI to propel your business forward with significant financial benefits for innovation and growth by capturing tax benefits.



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Charlotte Ochs

Written by Charlotte Ochs

Charlotte has over a decade's experience as an attorney representing individuals, partnerships, and corporations in many areas of federal and state tax law. With her Masters in Tax Law from the University of Houston and a license to practice before the United States Tax Court, she has successfully defended taxpayers in IRS proceedings from across several industries.