You Complete Me: CPA Firms Partner with Tax Consultants to Attract Business

Written by Darren Labrie, CPA. Updated Jan 9, 2019.

PopcornKidsThere is no shortage of famous movie quotes in the lexicon of pop culture, and the phrase “You complete me” uttered by Tom Cruise in the film Jerry Maguire certainly belongs somewhere at the top of the list. While expressed with complete sincerity in the film to his love interest, the phrase has enjoyed longevity having been oft quoted, sometimes as a comedic device, such as in the film Austin Powers and the TV show The Office, and in the deranged rantings of the villainous Joker in the Batman film The Dark Knight.

As I was thinking for this blog about how to articulate the advantages that a CPA firm experiences by partnering with an outsourced tax consultant, I could not escape this phrase once it materialized in my thoughts. And the more I pondered it, “You complete me” does succinctly describe how CPAs should think about a collaborative relationship with a tax consultancy specialist.  Why stop there? Here are some other ways a CPA-tax consultancy partnership relates to this Hollywood classic.

“Show me the money” – Attract clients

When your CPA firm partners with an outsourced tax specialist, you can provide more robust services by capturing lucrative business incentives that draw fresh prospects to your firm.

According to USA Today / Gallup polls, accountants are considered the most trusted business professional. That high level of trust enables you to move beyond traditional accounting services, like tax preparation, payroll, and bookkeeping, and position yourself as a trusted advisor that can offer the guidance and support that businesses are seeking to pursue tax credits and incentives.

By complementing your consultancy with elite tax professionals and skilled incentives program management, you can broaden your portfolio, rival competing service providers, and provide the comprehensive service that businesses expect from a CPA.

“Help me help you” – Training and transparency

Business owners don’t want mere referrals for tax incentive programs. As a trusted advisor, when you offer the expertise of a tax consultant through a developed partnership where you can vouch for their work, process and credibility, prospects and clients feel assured they’re receiving the right information and insights into these complex programs.

As a CPA firm in a committed relationship with an outsourced tax consultant, here are some of the services that your tax consultant should be delivering to help you attract new business.

  • Knowledge sharing and training
    Your CPAs need to be armed with expert knowledge and detailed training on federal and state tax benefits, which helps them speak confidentially and intelligently about tax benefit programs with clients and prospects.

  • CPA partner management software
    Technology should be at the forefront of an outsourced tax consultant’s services. The right software platform helps your CPAs easily review, identify and manage the process of capturing tax credits and incentives.

  • Goal charting
    Once it has been determined what tax benefits to pursue for a client, your consultant should chart goals based on a targeted approach toward capturing credits.

  • Roadmapping
    Based on charted goals, your tax consultant should establish ties with relevant departments in a client’s company and collect relevant information and data. Proactive engagement and regular reporting are crucial to securing maximum benefits.

  • Proven methodology
    Your tax consultant should simplify the process of capturing tax credits for your client. Structured workflows founded on a framework of transparent, well-documented procedures optimize efficiencies while producing audit-defensible quality studies.

“You had me at hello” – Partner with CTI

As a CPA firm, you are in a unique position to offer value-added services to clients. When you collaborate with an outsourced tax consultant like CTI’s experienced tax professionals, it’s a Hollywood blockbuster in the making!  With valuable expertise and resources at your side, prospective clients are far more apt to sign with your firm.

Are you ready to learn more about how our all-star team of legal, engineering, science, accounting, and finance experts can help “complete you”?  Say “hello” to a tax expert at CTI today.


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Darren Labrie, CPA

Written by Darren Labrie, CPA

Darren brings more than 20 years of experience in tax credits and business incentives. In his current role, he focuses on the overall operations of the practice and ensuring the highest level of service to clients.