Maximizing Your WOTC Tax Savings with Proven Processes and a Personal Touch

Written by Rachel Zarate Brouwer. Updated Mar 4, 2019.

SeniorLivingToday we focus on one of our many valued CTI clients, looking at the challenges they faced to implement and optimize a tax incentives strategy, and how CTI helped meet those challenges and exceed expectations.

The star of this blog is a CTI client in the healthcare industry, specifically a health organization that owns and operates senior living facilities with a concentration on rehabilitation. The company specializes in post-acute and short-term recovery and offers memory unit services.

Learn how using a tax expert for the WOTC screening process leads to success

This CTI client currently hires approximately 2,000 hires per year and is continuing to grow. Our partnership began in November 2016, just before an accelerated year of growth in 2017, when this client acquired 26 of its 40+ active entities for which CTI conducts WOTC screenings.

Flexible Methodology Tailored to Your Needs

To satisfy our client’s WOTC screening needs during their explosive growth in 2017, CTI worked with them to simultaneously manage two types of screening methods; integrated online screening and paper screening.

The reason for this was because each company that our client acquired had varying levels of technology infrastructure. While the paper screening method is rarely utilized in most WOTC programs due to its administrative challenges, CTI recognized that the client’s situation meant we were going to have to roll up our sleeves and use paper screenings.

Working alongside our client’s corporate team and hiring managers, we rolled out a process for setting up the WOTC screening program with each acquisition. With buy-in from the client, CTI’s proven process was successfully implemented with each new company, making for smooth transitions…even when the timeline was short (cue dramatic background music).

Dedicated Program Managers and Teams

Shortly after we partnered with our client, and with them barely being acclimated to the screening process, the client acquired a large company that was running a mass hiring event.

CTI was faced with only 36 days to make the necessary preparations to screen and submit certifications for 2,100 hires. This all had to be completed within the federally mandated 28-day deadline that starts on the employee’s first day of work.

Due to the lack of computers, printers and (in some cases) email for the new acquisition, CTI had to overnight WOTC questionnaires across the country to ensure hiring managers received the forms necessary to screen new hires during the hiring event.

Within this same timeframe, the CTI project manager also had to coordinate trainings with the hiring managers and the corporate team to familiarize them with the ins-and-outs of the WOTC process and to emphasize the importance of screening as many new hires as possible.

Backed by the support of our client’s management team, CTI successfully processed over 1,600 questionnaires, a whopping 75% compliance rate for the 2,100 people hired within a few days!

As for employees they continued to hire after the initial acquisition, we helped establish an online screening process by way of the client’s web-based HRIS system, allowing CTI to integrate our e-screening application into their automated on-boarding workflow.

People, Technology & Expertise…The CTI Advantage

Today, our client is at a 100% compliance rate. This is primarily due to management’s buy-in for the WOTC program. At CTI, we recognize that success is only possible when our project managers personally communicate and reinforce the importance of the program to hiring managers, both at the beginning of acquisitions and throughout the lifetime of a project.

Each hiring manager is personally trained on the overall process by a CTI project manager. If there is turnover, the corporate team knows to reach out to CTI to set up a training for the new hiring manager, leaving no gaps in the process and offering accessible resources from our side.

Another key element to our client’s success is our use of technology. For each new company acquired since the initial 2017 challenge described above, we offer same-day screening configuration set-up, a service that most of our competitors cannot offer, allowing us to maximize credits without additional burden to the client.

Powering the Success of Your Business

The results speak for themselves. To date CTI has generated over $1 million in credits, with an estimated $350K in pending applications at the time of authoring the blog, with more screenings occurring each day that will increase this number.

At CTI, we excel at partnering with clients to screen applicants and employees for state and federal point-of-hire programs, monitoring your WOTC state agency applications, and quickly resolving issues to obtain prompt certificate approvals. To learn more, schedule your complimentary WOTC consultation today.


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Rachel Zarate Brouwer

Written by Rachel Zarate Brouwer

Rachel develops Employment Incentives (EI) solutions and manages our Team Leaders. Rachel started with CTI in 2009. With her years of experience at CTI and as a Project Manager, Rachel specializes in understanding a client’s current EI process and seamlessly integrating customized service solutions, including project setup and continuous process improvement. Furthermore, Rachel leverages her vast client project experience to serve as a subject matter expert for CTI’s in-house software development team.