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Written by Rachel Zarate Brouwer. Updated Sep 20, 2019.

WOTC_PowerPartnershipsAre you satisfied with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) claims results that your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) vendor captures for you? Should you be? Have you considered what a dedicated WOTC process software and services team could do for you and your business’ bottom line?

You may be content with the results you’ve been getting, completely unaware that a specialized service could get you more – more credits, more savings, and more confidence. The WOTC program possesses its own value-add, and to reap its full potential, you need experts.

Many companies see the implementation and administration of a WOTC program within the onboarding process as a daunting endeavor. ATS and HRIS vendors realize this concern exists and offer WOTC as an additional service.

But typically, when companies are already using an ATS or HRIS vendor for WOTC, they’re unclear where the WOTC point-of-hire process integration should begin, who should oversee the WOTC survey execution, and how to determine program performance.

This leaves many to wonder: "Where do I begin?"

Begin with expert integration. Powerful connections between ATS or HRIS vendors and tax experts – like CTI – deliver you dynamic results.

For example, CTI has developed a symbiotic partnership with TempWorks, a staffing software solutions and payroll services provider for temporary staffing and recruiting companies nationwide.

CTI’s WOTC software solution is seamlessly integrated into TempWorks staffing software, enabling it to identify and capture federal and state point-of-hire credits, location-based credits, and training incentives.

But it’s not just software integration. It’s personal service integration, too. We provide a dedicated account manager and so much more, to ensure you receive the maximum tax credits you deserve.

One example of our commitment to optimize your tax credits is the added "Qualification Filter" as part of WOTC screening within the TempWorks system. With this feature at your fingertips, your staff can view a completed WOTC questionnaire and know in an instant whether that candidate is eligible for the program.

Even better, we enable you to filter results by candidate employment qualifications. Metrics and insight that empower you to make smart business decisions - This alone sets CTI apart from the WOTC services of other big-box vendors

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Most WOTC providers that partner with ATS/HRIS systems often offer only the "bare bones." What they call an integration is nothing more than a static URL link added to a page within an onboarding workflow. The rest is left up to you.

When a WOTC service merely inserts a link for a candidate to answer a few questions in a survey, what happens when the survey is over? In most cases, the hiring company doesn’t get notified whether it was completed, and they certainly don’t get a report of per employee results from the survey. 

Where is the expertise? The dedicated service? The transparency? The WOTC is more than just a ‘plug and play’ incentive and requires full-spectrum administration to garner its full potential. Challenge your ATS/HRIS to give you just that. Settling for any less could mean more money left on the table.

Knowing that opportunities for higher quality, targeted products and service exists grants you the chance to seek the service you deserve and to reach out to your ATS/HRIS vendor and verify the key factors that make your partnership meaningful.  

CTI is a true value add – to which our partner TempWorks can attest. We can deliver it all: integrated screening processes; high-ranking compliance rates; automated workflows; real-time, round-the-clock reporting; dedicated account managers; and attentive, personalized service.

We work with our partners to form a dynamic business relationship that benefits our mutual clients and gets them the results they deserve.


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Rachel Zarate Brouwer

Written by Rachel Zarate Brouwer

Rachel develops Employment Incentives (EI) solutions and manages our Team Leaders. Rachel started with CTI in 2009. With her years of experience at CTI and as a Project Manager, Rachel specializes in understanding a client’s current EI process and seamlessly integrating customized service solutions, including project setup and continuous process improvement. Furthermore, Rachel leverages her vast client project experience to serve as a subject matter expert for CTI’s in-house software development team.