Stop The Vicious Cycle Of Your CPA Firm’s Biggest Process Challenges

Written by Frances Kim. Updated Aug 27, 2015.

Stop The Vicious Cycle Of Your CPA Firm’s Biggest Process ChallengesToday, there is a unique set of challenges your CPA firm faces, due to the rise of client expectations for your accountants to know and do more. Essentially, aside from normal accounting practices, your CPAs are also expected to be the source for detailed answers on a broad range of complex tax issues.

As the core services of your CPA firm are highly commoditized, this creates time constraints that actually constrict good client management. The result is unrealized tax savings for your clients.

The Problem: Client Demands Have Increased

The new normal for most CPA firms today is clients who expect relatively inexpensive traditional core services, while also seeking in-depth advice and assistance in unearthing every tax credit and incentive they may be eligible for.

On top of your traditional core services, you simply cannot expect your CPAs to have a deep knowledge of every single existing business incentive. The rules and regulations of tax incentives change constantly, and planning for future changes requires a tax expert who knows the latest developments on available business incentives.

However, your clients’ new demands are not unfounded, as they do need proper guidance on viable corporate tax credits and incentives to maximize their overall tax savings from year to year.

The Solution: Partner With An Outsourced Tax Consultant

To help your clients take full advantage of the tax credits and incentives they deserve, it is recommended to team up with a tax expert who understands how to navigate the complexities of these state and federal programs.

When looking to partner with an outsourced tax consultant, make sure their process for finding tax credits and incentives features the following:

  • A deep discovery of your clients’ current business operations to identify eligibility for various business incentives 

  • A chart to help set realistic goals and a plan for any potential roadblocks along the way toward claiming tax credits

  • A well-developed roadmap of deliverables to ensure the process of claiming tax credits and incentives stays on track 

With an outsourced tax consultant by your side, you avoid the common pitfalls of complicated qualifications processes and find the best route toward seizing tax-savings opportunities.

The Result: Satisfied Clients And CPAs Focused On Their Core Objectives

With an outsourced tax consultant navigating peripheral incentives for your large roster of clients, your CPAs are able to manage their clients successfully while providing them with every opportunity to capture tax savings. No more intensive laboring over filing complex tax credit claims or fears of being scrutinized by the IRS.

Beyond happier clients and the CPAs who serve them, your firm also has more time to focus on staying competitive in your industry by setting new growth goals for future success.

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Frances Kim

Written by Frances Kim

As one of the first CTI employees, Frances has held many key positions and has played an integral role in our diversification process. With more than 10 years in customer service and management, Frances’ proven adaptability has enabled her to manage projects for clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.