Bill Mark

Bill Mark
Bill serves as CTI's director of cost segregation for the last four years after previously working as a project manager for Property Incentives for seven years, culminating to more than ten years of tenure with Corporate Tax Incentives. He additionally has over ten years of construction management experience relating to commercial construction as a general contractor. Mark specializes in estimating construction costs and verifying personal versus real property through detailed construction document review or on-site investigations.
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Maximizing Tax Benefits with Cost Segregation: Notes for Meeting IRS Guidance

Written by Bill Mark. Updated Aug 7, 2023.

When it comes to commercial real estate investments, one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the potential tax benefit through cost segregation. This powerful tax planning tool allows property owners to accelerate depreciation deductions, resulting in significant savings. In this blog, we will explore the concept of cost segregation, its benefits for companies, and the available guidance provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We will also delve into why the IRS requires engineers to perform cost segregation studies and its implications for accuracy and compliance.

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How Real Estate Investors Get Real Savings with Cost Segregation

Written by Bill Mark. Updated Jun 18, 2019.

Have you had the pleasure of playing the real estate investment boardgame Monopoly? For anyone who’s shuffled the game's distinctive pieces across the board, “bought” and “sold” teeny houses and hotels, lost a pseudo fortune to a well-invested opponent, or scored some of that characteristically colorful money with a fortuitous Community Chest card, you know it’s a game of strategy. Your friends who scrutinized their investments and calculated every move usually won the game.

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Green Building Tax Incentives: Creating Sustainable Buildings, While Increasing ROI

Written by Bill Mark. Updated Nov 17, 2017.

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act, known as the PATH Act, protects taxpayers against fraud. Some components of the act have expired, but there are still many active components that could benefit your business.

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Green Building Benefits With Tax Incentive 179D

Written by Bill Mark. Updated Oct 31, 2017.

Some people choose to implement energy efficiency changes into their homes and buildings solely out of concern for the environment. However, there are many cost-saving benefits that when outfitting a green building.

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